Are you for real?

In addition to getting to keep 100% of your hard earned content revenues,minus of course our low 5%  support flat fee,you also recieve the following:


Free additional promotional support via our network partners: new community in progress portal new in house live stream directory new  in house live stream channel

and amazon and google app support,along with our in house Roku


Also we will provide video sharing support via our other network sites at:


You may be asking yourself is this too true to be real,not really because we too, have experienced dealing with the likes of Youtube,Facebook and Twitter and got sick and tired of all the Bullshit censorship over there,thus set our personal goal of controlling those promotional venues ourselves.There is no better feeling in the world of being able to totally control your own content,thus why,we decided to assist to empower you,the content creator,with the necessary tools for next to nothing.Allowing you,to decide how valueable your content really is and allowing you to keep majority of your revenues,so you can concentrate on continuing to serve as a counter-balance to today's corporate media censorship driven enviroment.


Note, we only ask of you-5% in support flat fees in return, which is deducted,from your creator balance to allow us to maintain the site and the rest of our promotional network.That's it,in a nutshell,if you believe this is a fair deal,please feel free,to make your content,feel at home.With that out of way,let us welcome you,to Content Rewarder,let the new future begin!


PS Please dont hesitate to ask us any questions or concerns you may have on hand before and after joining.We are always welcome to suggestions and improvements,that may allow us to continue to assist you further,while activate here at

Please allow up to 48 hours when placing a inquiry,for us to return a reply.Thanks.In the meanwhile,please dont forget to check out both our terms of service and privacy notices pages for more detailed information.